Playing Cards cartomancy

Fortune telling with Playing Cards

Hello everyone! Angelo Cartomancy is a site dedicated to Playing Cards Cartomancy and Fortune Telling. Readings & consultations are available for you.

My name is Angelo and I have been reading Playing Cards for years. I have started to share my work online a couple of years ago through articles and videos so that people can learn how to read Playing Cards! I also have written a first ebook about Playing Cards to teach the basis to all those who wish to learn.

If you are in need of guidance and insights I will be more than happy to help you. Typically a consultation is what you need because it allows us to have time to dive into what is going on in your life through multiple spreads. We have a direct interaction where you can ask as many questions as you want and I can examine deeply your situation.

For simple situation where you only have one single question you can chose an email reading. This is limited to one question and whatever it is you will receive within a week after the purchase the picture of the spread with the audio analysis.

I also propose Playing Cards decks that I have designed so you might want to check them out, one might catch your interest!

Thank you for passing by, I hope we will have a chance to interact together and until then I wish you an amazing day!

"I had my 1st reading with Angelo and he blew me away with his accuracy. Also very kind and compassionate. Thank you Angelo!"
"Angelo. You are hard-hitting, practical, a true professional. Everything you saw was right. With all this you have a beautiful soul, you are generous and extremely nice. Rare nowadays and in this business. I am very grateful to you for opening my eyes to certain elements. I urge unhappy souls to go with their eyes closed: no scam, no anarchy, friends. Do not stay in doubt!"
"You really helped me in regard to a very sensitive situation that I had to deal with. I am truly grateful and will come back for sure!"
"This was an amazing experience. The reading and consultation is very clear, calming, honest and eye opening. I would gladly recommend this to anyone in need"