Angelo Santo

My name is Angelo. I am an intuitive and healer. Although I am a christian spiritualist, my clients come from various spiritual beliefs. I offer phone readingsemail readings, and healing servicesI also love to create decks you will find hereI have been working for years for clients around the world. I am a speaker at both the Temple of Love and Healing and the Temple of the Living God in St Petersburg (FL), and you can listen to some of my talks here. I also teach spirituality through my French & English Youtube channel or during consultations. As an author I have published books in French which should be translated into English soon. You will have access through this website to my services and I do hope that our paths will cross one day! God bless you, Angelo

"I had my 1st reading with Angelo and he blew me away with his accuracy. Also very kind and compassionate. Thank you Angelo!"
"Angelo. You are hard-hitting, practical, a true professional. Everything you saw was right. With all this you have a beautiful soul, you are generous and extremely nice. Rare nowadays and in this business. I am very grateful to you for opening my eyes to certain elements. I urge unhappy souls to go with their eyes closed: no scam, no anarchy, friends. Do not stay in doubt!"
"You really helped me in regard to a very sensitive situation that I had to deal with. I am truly grateful and will come back for sure!"
"This was an amazing experience. The reading and consultation is very clear, calming, honest and eye opening. I would gladly recommend this to anyone in need"