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Phone readings are a great opportunity for you to have direct interaction with me to answer to multiple questions. This 1h consultation will shed some light on your life and any question or issue you could be facing.

The advantage of this consultation is that you can ask more than one question within the time frame booked (1 hour here), allowing us to have a look at several issues.

After buying this consultation just use the scheduler below the take an appointment. After booking you should receive a confirmation email (check your spam folder!). But no worries, even in the case you don’t get it (glitches can happen) I will have the consultation sent to me.

Warning : Use the little arrow under the calendra to pick up your time zone depending on where you live. Then you will be able to chose a day&time accordingly.


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30 reviews for 1h consultation

  1. S.C

    This was an amazing experience. The reading and consultation is very clear, calming, honest and eye opening. I would gladly recommend this to anyone in need.

  2. Anna

    You really helped me in regard to a very sensitive situation that I had to deal with. I am truly grateful and will come back for sure!

  3. Joel

    Thank you Angelo for helping me to see things as they really are, for your accurate analysis, insight and advice on my situation. I feel better now that I see things more in their true perspective after our session. You are a very gifted, emphatic and caring professional. Thanks again for your help. It was invaluable to me.

  4. Chris

    Thank you again for your precious advice, for taking time to listen to me. You have been spot on on everything! You are making a great use of the gift you have received….. thanks again Angelo.

  5. Jamal

    Thank you Angelo once again for opening my eyes to a subject where I would have taken a big financial risk if I had not followed your advice. Definitely see you soon

  6. Marya

    Angelo. You are hard-hitting, practical, a true professional. Everything you saw was right. With all this you have a beautiful soul, you are generous and extremely nice. Rare nowadays and in this business. I am very grateful to you for opening my eyes to certain elements. I will see the evolution in the future. … I urge unhappy souls to go with their eyes closed: no scam, no anarchy, friends. Do not stay in doubt!

  7. Francoise

    Immediate empathy, clarity, honesty, finesse. A first very convincing experience. Thanks see you soon. Françoise

  8. Marilenna

    Thank you Angelo for this intense moment of truth, lucidity, he is so good and listens, very professional. This moment very, very strong for me. I would come back to you .mille merci .marilenna

  9. Cécile

    I can only recommend a consultation with Angelo. He knew, with a surprising speed, to understand my situation, then to explain to me in a clear and very precise way what the cards revealed. A great generosity is understood in his way of working to help you in all efficiency and honesty. 4 stars in Angelo and 1 particular for the Sky Essence …

  10. Jim

    Angelo, You gave me a great consultation and I thank you. You helped me to see more clearly and everything you told me is perfectly fair, I will come back soon to you. Thanks Again Rating: 10 stars

  11. Patty

    A thousand thanks for this guidance …. all is said … everything is just ….. even if it is not sometimes …. easy to hear ….. I know where I’m going and who I am and how absolutely must I love and respect myself ….. accept and continue to evolve for me …. my life … live it. …. I feel really soothed I’ll trust myself, let go …. and move on …….. and I thank the universe for putting you on my path … Angelo

  12. Peter Parker

    I just got off the phone with Angelo and I am rushing to write this review because I want to express my gratitude as much as I can for his valuable advice. I came to Angelo with a lot of problems and the situation looked very grim. However he showed me exactly what I needed to do and got to the heart of the issue. This is the second time I receive a reading from Angelo. His compassion, experience, professionalism, clarity and intuition is truly exceptional.Would definitely return again for advice. Truly he is a light that shines away all your problems and a valued companion to have. If you are in the dark he will light the way for you.

  13. Mago

    Dear Angelo, You are awesome, kind and generous. You went over the time limit and helped me with your knowledge and suggestions to help me with my concerns. Definitely you’re being guided by angels. I can’t thank you enough for your advice and for your offers to pray for my love ones.

  14. Claudine

    My first reading with Angelo, and it isn’t the last! He provided accurate insight and helped me evaluate important decisions. He is understanding, very patient and compassionate. The clarity with which he answered questions provided not just the big picture, but also the steps I could take to open the energy for meeting my goals. And I am 100% positive I will achieve success! If you want a reading to help along your path, do not hesitate. Call Angelo for results, plus he’s a very nice person as well.

  15. Sandeep

    I know Angelo for a while, have had several readings in past which have been insanely accurate. As always he gets all the points, remains focused and tell you what you should know. He wont pamper you and give you a positive reading if there is something negative… He provides solution for the issues. Angelo is very understanding and connects with you immediately.

  16. Bridgette

    Working with Angelo is a wonderful experience. He is genuine and authentic in his desire to assist his clients. His ability and connection is clear. He is focused and compassionate. He was able to see very clearly and understand my unusual predicament. He was able to accurately see into life, spirit, family, money, relationships, anything that I asked him about. He was able to assure me, guide me and help me to further understand where I am, why I’m here and how to better the situation. I was blessed, comforted and encouraged by his words. I am grateful for Angelo and to him. I will certainly call on him again in the future. It’s rare to find a reader like Angelo. If you get the opportunity to work with him, you will surely be blessed.

  17. Jamila

    Thank you Angelo ! Thanks to you this consultation allowed me to move forward and I am delighted, we will still remian in contact. Jamila

  18. Christiane

    This important divinatory consultation fully met my expectations concerning my doubts, my interrogations at a critical moment in my relationship. I really felt like I was speaking openly to a sincere and competent friend who listened and gave me undeniable ways to improve and rebalance my relationship. I recommend Angelo for a listening and was given a spiritual accompaniment which will undoubtedly lead me to flourish better. Thanks Angelo, I keep in touch whatever happens and will obviously come back to you. Christiane

  19. Catherine

    Angelo is the best. He shows his commitment to you during a reading and you can feel that he cares about you and the reading. I was dealing with work/job issues and was freaking out about it. He not only was very accurate in his reading, but he eased my mind in a way I never expected. Everything he said turned out to be true. I can’t wait to have another reading with him. I highly recommend him

  20. Rick

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to Angelo for the reading he did for me. It resonated very much with what I have going on currently and where things look to go in the future with the way things appear to me. He seems like a very personable and understanding person who went above and beyond in my reading.

  21. Trina

    Angelo was very good at explaining the process and the cards. He would elaborate on the cards meaning until I felt I understood. His delivery of the massages were loving and gentle. I felt a true insight and caring with his reading. I am sure to have more readings with him in the future.

  22. Helena

    Angelo is the Card Reader I’ve been looking for all my life! I’ve had many readings, from many good readers, over the years, but Angelo is the ONE for me now! His reading skills are impeccable! His ability to tune in, explain, teach and help is remarkable! He is truly a Master of Cartomancy and I highly recommend him!

  23. Nicole

    Good readers are not easy to find, so I’m so happy to have Angelo as my reader! He looked into my issues carefully and in detail and of course his accuracy blew my mind! Cannot recommend him enough, such a talented individual!!!

  24. Rose

    A big thank you to Angelo I have consulted several times. As the title says he is a beautiful person. He is righteous, precise and guides you to the light and the right path… I can only encourage you to have a reading with him. He’s honest, caring, and won’t sugarcoat anything to please you and tell you what you want to hear. He wil speak honestly to guide you better. Thanks again Angelo !! Your ability to listen and kindness are remarkable.

  25. Jennifer

    Thank you SO much Angelo for my amazing reading. You confirmed things I have been thinking without me saying a thing to you. I am so thankful I came across you and will most definately be chatting with you again.

  26. Sharon Gragowski

    S.G. – October 11, 2019
    Angelo was not only accurate but also incredibly healing. His consultation cleared a lot of questions which had bothered me for ages. I was able to let go and let God. Thank you Angelo for your kindness. You are gifted and I am very grateful for the way you went out of your way to assist me.

  27. Jen

    Angelo is my TRUSTED advisor. This man has such amazing accuracy its scary! haha I needed some guidance that was very big in my life and I trust him and will follow his advice. If I ever need something answered he is the ONLY one I will go to. Angelo you are amazing…forever grateful

  28. WeiWei

    Angelo is such an amazing reader. He is tapped into the highest energies and read my situation exactly as it was. He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but the truth. He has seen many scenarios that play out in his clients lives and give his advice but doesn’t tell you what to do. I felt like my energy was cleared after speaking to him and was able to move forward after having been stuck for over a month. I will recommend him to my friends and he is really too notch!!

  29. Hazel Miller

    Angelo is a gifted, beautiful soul. I consult with him at times when I’m at a cross roads, need guidance or just get the whole overall view of situations. This man has never led me wrong. His predictions are spot on! I would recommend him to everyone and anyone. Always professional, and honest. Thank you Angelo for giving me mental peace, it’s priceless.

  30. Monique

    THANK YOU ANGELO, for our consultation today; You understood my sorrw and where my problems were coing from – you reassured me and explained things, with kindness and gave me great advice.
    THANK YOU so much for this kindness and and that faith that lives in you.
    You are a wonderful person, straightforward and honest; You have assured me that I have no magic, no evil eye; you did not take advantage of my despair as others could have. THANK YOU, your faith is there; I recommend ANGELO, for its righteousness; Thank you, gratitude

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