Energy purification ritual


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This Energy clearing spiritual work can become necessary in a world where so many negative energies can attach to us. When it happens, we can experience problems such as blocks into our life, bad luck, emotional/physical/mental imbalance, stress, and in the worst case scenarios health related issues.

I propose this Energy clearing ritual to help you keep your energy field clear and/or remove the blocks in your life. It can be taylored and used in many ways.

After ordering this service you will have to send me a recent selfie of yourself so that I can start working on your energies. I always send a picture to the client when I start so that he know that the work is ON.

I don’t put any time limit for this kind of work. It depends on the case.

I precise that I won’t work on your energies if you are already working with another person since it might affect the efficiency of my work. If you already are working on your energies with someone else, come to me once you are done with the other person.

Also, know that I will give back 10% of your purchase to a charity cause.


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