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Phone readings are a great opportunity for you to have direct interaction with me to answer to multiple questions. This 30mns consultation will shed light on your life and on issues or questions you could face.

The advantage of this phone reading is that you can ask more than one question within the time frame booked (30 minutes here), allowing us to have a look at several issues.

After buying this phone reading just use the scheduler below the take an appointment. After booking you should receive a confirmation email (check your spam folder!). But no worries, even in the case you don’t get it (glitches can happen) I will have the consultation sent to me.

Warning : Use the little arrow under the calendra to pick up your time zone depending on where you live. Then you will be able to chose a day&time accordingly.


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26 reviews for 30mns consultation

  1. Romain

    Precise and Concise!!! Angelo will respond sincerely to your questions without trying to influence you one way or another. Neutral and objective, he will reveal what he sees in his cards and feels, while trying to help you by providing spiritual guidance. Interesting experience that allowed me to refine some important points and open my curiosity to the search for spiritual fulfillment.

  2. Jamie

    Do not listen to the little voice that could tell you that Angelo is like other fortune tellers. This is not the case! He is simple in his explanations, he does not tell you the story you may want to hear, he is in his place and he interprets your reading with gentleness and humility. I will come back to give feedback in a while … THANK YOU

  3. Steph

    In addition to drawing cards and the analysis that is still relevant, Angelo has shown great kindness, honesty and listening. A true professional who knows his job and that I recommend!

  4. Charles

    Angelo is a very human person with a lot of compassion. I consulted him for the first time and for a sentimental problem, he saw very well the state of mind of the characters … He managed to make me aware of what was blocking in my situation. Thanks for the advice Angelo..your guidance … I highly recommend him… I myself am in the esoteric field but as everyone, I sometimes need to have an outside opinion and felt guided to the to consultation. I thank him for his wise advice .. very beautiful energies..I highly recommend and do not regret this consultation by phone, it has reboosted me. Thank you Angelo!

  5. JP

    A big thank you to Angelo for taking the time to listen to my complaints and meet my expectations. This consultation gave me complete satisfaction and I have a lot of hope in the results. Thank you very much for taking care to give me information that is useful to me and allowed me to get my head out of the water. Thank you, thank you, thank you Angelo.

  6. Daniel

    Dear Angelo, I thank you for this Angelic consultation which confirmed and enlightened what my intuition told me. You also bring your savvy. For me there is no doubt you are a great initiate in connection with the divine energies. I will definitely come back to you for further consultations. Thank you

  7. Brenda

    Immediate empathy, clarity, honesty, finesse. A very convincing experience. Thank you so much!

  8. Emma

    Angelo answered to all my questions. Thank you!!

  9. Tony

    Angelo, thank you for your support!

  10. Sarah R

    It’s very rare to find a reader as gifted as Angelo. I’ve had 3 or 4 readings from him now on a whole variety of topics and each time, Angelo’s accuracy has been absolutely amazing. He takes the time to fully understand the problem before reading the cards, and his knowledge of the cards and what they mean in each situation is second to none. Angelo is completely professional and trustworthy – he doesn’t tell you what he thinks you want to hear, he tells you what he sees. I honestly can’t recommend him highly enough. Don’t hesitate to get a reading from this wonderful gentleman.

  11. Christopher

    Angelo is without a doubt the most honest, truthful, and insightful reader I’ve ever met. His ability to understand the unknowable and to uncover reality is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met. I’ve known Angelo now for over two years, and every single one of his readings has always been accurate. More than that, he is a compassionate man who truly wants the best for those who seek him. He’ll never sugarcoat a situation, and he’ll always give you the best advice. Do yourself a favor and get a reading from Angelo. You will not be disappointed.

  12. Mandy

    Angelo is an awesome and straight forward reader. Gives clear answers on the situation without fairy tales. I will definitely be back for another reading. Lovely to connect with you. Thank you for the reading.

  13. Marie

    The most honest and best medium I know :))) Angelo has seen that there are negative energies without asking me questions. Indeed, for some time, I felt like I was going into depression, choking, and Angelo explained to me that negative energies are working on me, that’s why I’m not good. He is right because a few months ago another magnetizer had taken away some evil work, but there are leftovers. Angelo takes his time and sees you as you are, and gives you great advice for the future. He’s someone in the light, beautiful! Thank you for everything Angelo, I come back to you as soon as I can Kisses, see you soon Marie

  14. Danise

    Hello From the first time angelo took his time. A very kind and very honest person who takes the time for his clients, especially very honest I recommend Angelo a thousand times!!

  15. Steve

    Very rewarding consultation, Angelo is a listener who takes his time and gives very good advice. I will implement its recommendations and with time progress should see the light of day. I recommend you all to contact him who are in doubt and need help, this can only be beneficial for your advancement in all areas of health, projects etc ….

  16. Annie

    Angelo is an empathic listener. His answers are made frankly. I really appreciate this honesty. He only seeks to help his neighbor. I sincerely recommend him, because it really helped me.

  17. Jean Michel

    I say thank you and thank you again for your understanding. See you soon

  18. Boris

    I had my 1st reading with Angelo and he blew me away with his accuracy. Also very kind and compassionate. Thank you Angelo!

  19. OD

    Thank you so much for your support!

  20. Isabelle

    Do not listen to the little voice that could tell you that Angelo is like any other fortune teller. He is not! His explanations are very and he does not tell you what you want to hear to please you. He is very honest and gives you his reading with kindness and humility … THANK YOU

  21. Nina

    I can only recommend a consultation with Angelo. He understood very quickly my complex situation then explained to me in a clear and very precise way the message of the cards. His generosity, honesty and efficiency can’t be doubted.

  22. Vanessa

    Amazing! Angelo told me exactly what I thought about my situation, and explained things very clearly. I needed that confirmation (I still had doubts) and now I know what to do. Angelo gave me good advice, he is a real pro not a scam like many others. Thanks to you Angelo!

  23. Larry

    What can I say, Angelo is truly a gifted reader.

  24. Lucie

    Angelo was able to see things that others were unable to. Thus, shedding light on a matter that needed urgent attention. Will I utilize his services again? The answer to that question is yes and you should too.

  25. Jenny

    Thank you for your reading and advice on my situation. Great energy and a pleasure to speak with you. Very kind, honest, and compassionate. Gave me clarity on the situation. Thank you!

  26. Razvan

    Angelo has a special ability to bestow upon any person he encounters an abundance of positive energy and reassurance. I strongly recommend him to anyone who is encountering doubts about his/her future as he will be able tu guide you and give you strong pieces of advice. Nevertheless, the 30mns consultation offers the change to dig deeper into any issue. Keep up the good work!

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