Spiritual conference


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If you want me to come and discuss about spiritual topics, just know that I will be delighted.

My main areas of expertise are :

  • Karma and Karmic path and all topics related : life, soul mates, death, reincarnation, illnesses, soul purpose, etc
  • Energies : aura, chakras, illnesses, imbalances
  • Black Magic and Sorcery : what are they, how to recognize them, how to protect against them
  • Jesus Christ : how to follow his path, his message, how to integrate him into our lives, etc.
  • Angels&Archangels : who are they, how to work with them
  • Astral projection : what it is, how to train for it, shared experiences, benefit of it, etc

I can speak through the entire US. My rate is $100 an hour. Depending on where you want me to speak you will have to add the trip expense (gaz for car drives, flight tickets & hotels if needed).

I have been speaking at the Temple of the Living God and the Temple of Love and Healing in St Petersburg. You can ask about my work there if you wish to have a feedback about the quality of my work.

After booking for a spiritual conference all you have to do is contact me.


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