The Celestial Playing Cards deck


Since I am deeply involved in my spiritual path with God and his angels I have thought about making a deck of Playing cards dedicated to them.

Those pictures are those I have taken while wandering for 9 months in the French Countrside (region of Normandy). Each time I would see a chapel, church, Basicil or Cathedral I would stop by and take pictures of Saints or Angels that would speak to me.

The result is here with the Celestial deck with Angels, Mary, Jesus, St Expedite, St Therese, St Francis, St Joseph etc..

If you are in the US you will get the deck within 8 business days. For other areas of the world it can take up to 2 to 3 weeks.

54 cards poker sized, 330gms card stock (Superior Smooth!) and they come with their plastic case (more solid).

Hope you will enjoy the pictures of this The Celestial Playing Cards deck Thanks for passy by, have a great day!


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